About Our Restaurant

Located in UpTown Waterloo’s historic Barrel Yards, Proof Kitchen + Lounge is a restaurant that offers an upscale contemporary dining experience coupled with a menu that reflects a dedication to using thoughtfully chosen ingredients with a local and world conscious initiative – we make good choices. From breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner to late night to weekends, our menu is complemented by expertly crafted cocktails, a renowned wine list, and a great selection of local craft beers. The setting for all this is a space that will delight the senses and create a perfect backdrop to every occasion.

Meet Our Leadership


Lindsay Shields

Lindsay Shields  General Manager

Meet Lindsay, our General Manager with over 20 years’ experience with most of that time spent in the KW region. Her passion is in cocktail creation, and she has the portfolio to prove it! Lindsay loves furthering her education in every aspect of food and beverage and loves to ensure guests have the best dining experience possible. Hospitality and this region are a major part of her life and she's happy to help contribute in any way she can to help it evolve and thrive. In her spare time Lindsay love sports, playing and watching, and has a passion for music and food, and the great outdoors.
Ryan Reid

Ryan Reid  Executive Chef

We are happy to introduce our Executive Chef, Ryan Reid. Like many of us, Ryan’s career search started in a different direction. Working in the kitchen was a means to afford school, not the end goal. However, his time in the kitchen proved to be exciting, challenging, and gratifying. Once outside the kitchen, he found the employment he had worked towards lacked a certain ‘realness’ that was so present in a high-paced kitchen. He was keen to return to the high-energy, people-focused industry that also helped him discover his creative side and has remained an asset for many years in Proof’s kitchen. While remarkably talented and skilled in the kitchen, Ryan’s best qualities is without a doubt his attitude. His humorous anecdotes and resilience during a busy service inspires his team to persevere and not lose track of the ultimate goal – put out mouth-watering, delicious dishes. His personal commitment to sustainability and supporting local business makes him a crucial and ever appreciated member of Proof’s team.
Tony Le

Tony Le  Banquet Chef

I have lived and worked in the KW region my whole life, and being a part of the community is where I thrive. Although, I have a degree in psychology, food is where my passion is. I believe that you should try anything twice. My passion for both food and beverage has brought me to some amazing culinary destinations, but still dream of touring around the countries of Japan and Italy to broaden my palate, inspiration, and techniques. On my days off, I love to cook a seafood dinner to share with family and friends, but love to experiment with new flavours and dishes any chance I can get.
Kevin Butterwick

Kevin Butterwick  Sous Chef

I moved to the KW region to pursue a Sociology degree at Laurier, but shortly after graduating I realized it wasn’t where my passion lay. I discovered KW had an immense culture in the restaurant scene and decided to stay. It was here that I rediscovered my love of food and cooking and where I have been now for over 12 years.

I take great inspiration from Indian and Pakistani cuisine, but also shine with comfort food. There is nothing I love more than cooking for friends and family. I believe the combination of world food and comfort food makes Proof so special, and am grateful to be a part of the team here.