5 Tips on Eating Keto When Dining Out

By February 1, 2020Blog

Eating keto? These 5 tips will help you dine out or eat at a friend’s house while sticking to your low carb or keto lifestyle.

1. Check the Menu Ahead of Time

Review the menu online before to seek out keto-friendly options or items that can be customized to be keto-friendly. This will help you select which restaurant to go to without having to compromise your keto lifestyle. At Proof, we’ve made it simple, just look for the symbol on our menu.

2. Remove the Starch

If your entrée comes with a starch such as fries or potatoes as a side, most restaurants can leave those off the plate without changing the dish too much, you can even ask for extra veggies if that is an option.  If you’re ordering a burger or sandwich, ask if they can substitute for a lettuce wrap instead or just request no bun and you can remove all starches from your plate.

3. Don’t be Fooled by Sauces and Condiments

Sauces and condiments can be made of mostly carbs, such as Ketchup, which you don’t need anyways since you didn’t order fries.  If you are unsure ask the server to check the ingredients for sugar, flour or other starchy thickeners.  You can also ask for sauces on the side to have more portion control.

4. Add Fats! Bring on the Bacon!

Load up on toppings where you can such as bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, etc… This might cost extra, but your taste buds will thank you!

5. Drinks can be Sneaky Carbs

The best keto drink options are water, sparking water, tea or coffee and they’re wallet-friendly!  But let’s be honest, you’re going to have a drink so good low-carb options include dry wine, champagne, light beer or spirits with club soda.

Interested in our menu? Browse our menu to see all of our options.