Chef’s Table Experience Event

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Chef’s Table Experience Event at Proof Kitchen + Lounge

Exclusive Restaurant Dining Experience in Waterloo

Proof Kitchen + Lounge offers a unique culinary experience where guests will dine on a multi-course tasting menu during our Chef’s Table Dining Experience. Located in our private dining area, this exclusive event showcases the finest local and seasonal ingredients. Join us on Thursday, March 7th as we delve into the world of culinary artistry that is vibrant, local, and diverse.

Chef’s Table Dining Experience – March 7th, 2024

Savour in an immersive dining adventure and menu Executive Chef Ryan Reid created. This seven-course curated menu is paired with wines specially selected to enhance your palate. Chef Ryan and his culinary team will discuss each course, describing the inspiration, technique, and ingredients used behind them.

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Event Details

Date: Thursday, March 7th , 2024
Location: Proof Kitchen + Lounge
Time: First course served at 6:30 PM
Price: $149.95 per person (price not inclusive of taxes and 18% gratuity)

Secure your tickets today for our exclusive Tasting Menu event with limited seating and immerse yourself in captivating conversations and culinary adventures.

With our specially curated menu, we may not be able to fully accommodate dietary restrictions related to vegetarian and vegan preferences for this particular event.

About Executive Chef Ryan Reid

Proof Kitchen + Lounge’s Executive Chef Ryan Reid

As the Executive Chef at Proof Kitchen + Lounge since 2022, Chef Ryan Reid spearheads our culinary team with an unwavering passion for the art of cooking. Viewing every dish as a canvas, Chef Ryan enjoys crafting delicious masterpieces that captivate the taste buds. Committed to sustainability, he believes the Kitchener-Waterloo region is an ideal haven for food enthusiasts, offering a plethora of locally sourced ingredients.

Under Chef Ryan’s guidance, Proof’s culinary team is dedicated to infusing every dish with creativity, ingenuity, and uncompromising quality. Don’t miss the chance to experience his culinary prowess at the Chef’s Table Experience event where he can truly showcase his passion for cooking globally with a local flare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chef's table?

A chef’s table dining experience provides guests with an intimate view of the culinary action in a restaurant. Guests can expect a more personalized and interactive experience with the culinary team where they can engage with the chefs, ask questions about dishes, and gain insights into the creative process.

How many guests can you host for this experience?

We can accommodate up to 30 guests for this private dining experience in our restaurant in Uptown Waterloo. Seating is limited for this event.

How do I book a table?

You can book your tickets through OpenTable.

Is seating reserved?

The Chef’s Table Experience is in our private dining area and has communal seating. We highly suggest enjoying this culinary experience with others to engage in conversation.

How much does it cost?

The seven-course meal with wine pairing costs $149.95 per person (includes food and wine pairings. Price is not inclusive of taxes and 18% gratuity.

What is the menu?

The menu for this chef’s table private dining event is selected and developed by our culinary team to highlight seasonal and local ingredients. The dishes will be specifically sourced for this tasting experience.

Is there any parking available?

Yes! Parking is free for Proof Kitchen + Lounge guests when you register your license plate at our host desk.

Can I purchase additional beverages or menu items during the event?

Yes, menus can be provided should you require additional menu items.