A New Season Brings Exciting Changes to Proof

By September 30, 2015Blog

We are excited to announce that Chef Jeritt is Proof’s newly appointed Executive Chef! We had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss the inspiration behind Proof’s new menu, and to get to know him a little bit!

What did you do before Proof?

I was the Corporate Chef for Egger Hospitality Group, which owns a collection of restaurants based outside Waterloo Region. At that time, I was responsible for running all five kitchens for their various restaurant locations. This job introduced me to my passion for supporting local products grown and raised within our thriving community, along with developing meaningful relationships with local farmers. I find great value in these relationships, and believe it is a beneficial action towards supporting our community.

Proof also does an excellent job of promoting this mentality, which I can truly appreciate!

What introduced you to cooking in the first place?

Surprisingly, I got into cooking as a complete fluke. Growing up, my family owned a commercial fishing company so I always assumed that would be where I ended up. When that fell through, I started working in kitchens to pass the time and I quickly I learned where my passion lied.

Cooking became a sport to me; it was exciting. I was driven by the concept of new challenges presenting themselves each day, only for me to conquer them. Being part of a kitchen is similar to being part of a team; if we don’t work together and support each other, everything can fall apart – I love that atmosphere.

Do you have a specialty or favourite dish to make? 

One of my favourite dishes to make and eat, is a Reuben sandwich! It’s a classic. I love taking the old arts of cooking and elevating them to the next level. The Reuben is a sandwich everyone loves, in which I can always add my own personal twist to.

Why Proof? 

I was initially drawn to this restaurant because of their dedication to local farmers. The restaurant has a real sense of community, and that was exactly what I was looking for. I also appreciate my back of house team, they all work so hard and it really pays off. Without this team we wouldn’t be able to create the amazing food that comes out of this restaurant each day.

What can we expect from the new Proof menu? 

“Worldly inspired, locally supported.” I think that’s the best way to portray the new menu. We wanted to give this menu an approachable feel, with a little creative inspiration. The new items will be filled with delicious fall flavours, brought to you by the partnership of various local farmers. One in specific that I use for various menu items is Eby Manor Guernsey milk (used in our in-house made lemon ricotta and Eby Manor Crème Brule).

Do you have a favourite new item on the menu?

It’s the Reuben sandwich! This one was inspired and developed at Proof with the help of some of my amazing team members. Many of the ingredients incorporated in this sandwich are made in-house. This includes the porter-rye bread, which is made with the Black Swan porter, inspired by our Pastry Chef, Jen. We also cure the tender smoked brisket ourselves, along with making the creamy Russian aioli. This is a melt-in-your-mouth sandwich that everyone should definitely try!

Congratulations Chef Jeritt!