Proof Welcomes Delicious Editions to the Uptown Summer Menu

By May 26, 2015Blog

We are excited to share our brand new menu of delicious dishes that continue our focus on fresh ideas and local choices.

The Nosh

It’s the perfect way to start your meal! The warm grilled naan comes paired with oven dried tomato hummus, creamy whipped ricotta with lemon, thyme, chili and garlic olives. Great for sharing!

Andrew Coppolino ‏@WatRegionEats May 20
The proof is in the new menu @ProofKW in @UpTownWaterloo

Grilled Salmon Niçoise Salad

Miso Grilled Salmon Niçoise Salad

This dish completely encompasses the taste of summer! The sweet and savory miso glazed salmon comes topped on fresh green beans, farm eggs, caramelized pears and nicoise olives, with a side of warm Grand Bend purple potatoes. The zesty chili + ginger vinaigrette ties everything together with a bold, fresh taste.

Karen Scian ‏@karenscian May 20
The perfect summer salad: A fabulous Nicoise. Loved the grilled pears and lime chile haricots… nicely done @ProofKW

The Cooperage

The Cooperage Burger

The Cooperage is the king of all burgers! Loaded with flavourful meat, this burger has tender beef shortrib, crispy bacon, sweet bourbon bbq sauce and is stuffed with applewood smoked cheddar.

Proof burgers are made from grass fed and naturally raised Black Angus Paradise Farms beef, raised within a 50-mile radius of Proof. Served with your choice of thrice cooked Maldon salt + lemon thyme fries or a side of Proof ALT salad.

Mike Estoesta ‏@mestoesta May 11
J and I had a fantastic dinner @ProofKW. Best burger I’ve had in a while #CooperageBurger. Happy tummy!

Schnitzel Double Down

Stacked with everything you want in a sandwich, and more! With crispy pork schnitzel, refreshing sweet and sour cabbage, creamy bacon and sage aioli, mouthwatering prosciutto, apple butter and arugula, this sandwich is unlike anything you’ve had before.

Daryl Smith ‏@hosehead12 May 24
Great service and a fantastic meal is the easiest way to describe Proof #ProofReview

Mimosa CheesecakeMimosa Cheesecake

This dessert is for cheesecake lovers and abstainers alike. Far lighter than your regular cheesecake and with a subtle mimosa flavour, our creamy cheesecake is paired with sparkling gelee, orange creme, and a crispy brandy snap.

Ty Coker ‏@TyCoker May 20
@ProofKW mimosa cheesecake best part of my day

The Red Team

The Red Team

The Red Team is your go to summer cocktail! The refreshing combination of mint and cucumber blends perfectly with Stolichnaya vodka and St. Germaine. We top it off Waupoos cider for hint of sweetness. Exactly what you need on a sunny patio day!

Katie Kempthorne ‏@Katiepieface May 24
Proof – hands down the best place for Friday night drinks and dinner #ProofReview #killermalbec