Why Proof? A Message from Proof GM, Laura Umbrio

By August 6, 2014Blog

When I first learned about this project, the design, and the values behind the development- that little voice inside told me this was it. This is going to be the next chapter in my life. From the beginning I knew that Proof at the Barrel Yards was going to make a big impact in Waterloo and I had to be a part of it.

The opportunity to be involved with a project so diverse in scope and size was what initially attracted me to Proof. Working so closely in a build out from the ground up has been nothing short of thrilling. Watching the construction and development emerge from dirt and rubble into this beautiful hotel and restaurant leaves me in awe every day.

Food is a major driving force in my life, without nourishment of body we would not be capable of achieving anything. My husband and I relocated to Waterloo region 5 years ago. We wanted our children to grow up in close proximity to green space, farms and producers so they could have an understanding and appreciation for where our food comes from. The vibrant community of KW gave us the instant feeling of being home, even while I was commuting to Toronto every day to pursue my passion in hospitality and service.

What was the best part of your day?
Where did you make a difference?
What can you do better tomorrow?

I have been asking myself these 3 questions for the better part of my career in hospitality. These last 9 months that I have been working on the open for Proof Kitchen & Lounge have been no different.

Most recently we have started gathering a team together around the shared passions of food, wine and service. This is what recharges and invigorates me fully. Being immersed in a team of individuals who are buzzing to try the Chef’s newest creation; or want to compare the taste of Ontario craft lagers, or go out of their way to make a guest’s day. Wow. Those are the best parts of my day. Watching someone’s face light up when they try our signature cocktail and inspiring a team member to challenge themselves to create the best possible experience for a guest in our restaurant. These things make a difference. The collaborative synergy of a team that enthusiastically creates forward momentum to be better every service for every guest at every chance is the environment and culture we are creating at Proof. What a privilege to be part of it!

It is my pleasure both personally and professionally to welcome you to Proof Kitchen & Lounge. We look forward to serving you.

Laura Umbrio
Proof General Manager